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The idea behind the The Playground is simple: a space to skateboard year round out of the elements. It started as an idea between a grandson and his grandma and has flourished into project that will provide a year-round refuge for community-members in St. Helens, Oregon and the greater Columbia County community.

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The mission of The Playground Indoor Skatepark is to provide experiential learning and civic participation through opportunities in the skateboarding community that encourages inclusivity.


We believe that by providing a space that can be used year around, skateboarders will have a place to build self-confidence, leadership and creativity through lessons, mentoring, and a community gathering place.


Skateparks build and sustain healthy communities. As a gathering place for the community, the skatepark will provide a safe space for, young and old, beginning and skilled, to meet and share experiences.


For many skateboarding youth, the skatepark becomes a home-away-from-home.

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